Apex Legends Lifeline Heirloom Project Updates

Apex Legends Lifeline Heirloom Project Updates

After a month of hard working, the lifeline heirloom replica has reached a milestone.

I have finished all the metal parts of it.

The rest of the works are all about painting jobs.

Let's take a look at the unpainted lifeline heirloom.

lifeline heirloom unpainted

It's 1:1 scale, and 100% made of metal.

lifeline heirloom replica

apex lifeline heirloom

All the images on the lifeline shcok sticks will not be painted but scluptured as reliefs on it.

It makes the lifeline heirloom alloy replica a real artwork.

life line heirloom display game art

The weight of this heirloom craft it over 1 kilogram. It's my heaviest heirloom crafts at the moment.

So the hand feeling of holding this apex heirloom replica will be amazing.

lifeline apex shock sticks

apex lifeline shock sticks metal replica

Let's wait for the final product of this incredible game artwork.

lifeline heirloom replica craft

metal apex heirloom game collection

The final product updated on Dec. 19th

lifeline heirloom final product

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