Apex Wingman Death Ray Project

Apex Wingman Death Ray Project

A lot of my followers are motivate me to make an Apex gun model.

I was hesitating to do that because a 1:1 scale metal gun model is very difficult for international delivering.

But I do like the design of the Wingman pistol, so I finally decide to have a try.

And according to some of my followers' feedback, the Death Ray is one of the msot favorite skin of Wingman.

So I decide to start making the Wingman from this skin.

wingman death ray

After weeks of hard working I finished the 3D model of wingman.

wingman 1 to 1 replica

wingman model

The difference between my model from other's deisgn is I will make the replica with some of the reloading animation.

The head part of this pistol will open when you push the trigger.


wignman apex animation

I also made a 3D printed one to verify whether the structure works.

And it does.

I will make the metal parts soon.

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dude if and when this release sign me up for at least 2 if not 3 aha must have

alberto navarro

so cool i will buy it when i can


I will make them in metal, the price will be very reasonable for a metal replica.

Leone Tang

I would love to get that in metal. The construction looks really cool and I love this gun so much from the game. I can’t buy this in the game cause it’s basically a waste of money and my parents agree with me cause it’s only virtual. But if I could buy this in a physical form I would pay about 99 buck if I could. I hope you are successful at making it and I’m sure it’ll sell out like a ps5.
My good wishes and good luck in the project:)


Any idea what the price will be?


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