Doom External Crucible Sword

Doom External Crucible Sword

What's the most popular game sword?

The Crucible Sword from Doom External should be one of them.

So I decide to make a metal miniature for it.

This video will show you how I made it.

Some pictures of the final product.

doom sword

doom sword

The runes on the sword are clearly sculptured on this sword.

sword with ruins

You can display it on your desk.

doom sword on holder

Enhance the appearance of your game collection with this Doom External Sword.

The Crucible Sword is a miniature replica of the iconic sword from the popular game and looks absolutely stunning.

It's small enough to fit on any shelf without taking up too much space.

If you want to add a unique touch to your game collection, order it now and enjoy a piece of gaming history in your home.

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