Ego Knife Project

Ego Knife Project

Some of my followers asking me to make the Ego knife from Valorant.

ego knife valorant

So I searched the pictures and videoes from Google.

I was impressed by the Ego knife because of the Chinese words on the blade.

But one thing I'm not so satisfied is as Chinese craftmen we usually carve the words on the blade instead of printing it on the blade.

That's what I would do for the ego knife replica.

Now I have finished the 3D model of the Ego knife, more details will be updated on my instagram and Youtube.

ego knife

ego knife handle





Hi there! Love your work. Haven’t been able to buy anything but I plan to. Is it possible to do the xeno hunter knife? I would love to be able to do tricks with it. Thanks!




I’m interested in this knife if your making the red variant because that’s the main knife I use in Valorant and would love to have it!




I want to know the price

Brandon vargas

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