Metal VCT Knife Project

Metal VCT Knife Project

The new VCT knife is something that looks incredibly cool.

vct knife

So I decide to make a real metal replica of it.

It would be a blunt blade prop for display and collection only.

I will also apply some luminous paint to it to make it a fantastic appearance during the night.

vct knife valorant

Now I have built a 3D model of it.

vct knife 3d model

More details will be published on my Instagram and Youtube.

Could you share your opinion about what color option you want me to make, cause I don't want to make all of them?


im biggie cheese yo

biggie cheese

I really think it should be blue or green. Those color ways look the coolest especially with the glow. Can’t wait to get my hands on one in the future!


Hi I’ve been looking for a blue vct knife for awhile if you could do blue that would be great id recommend red aswell, also when will the knife be available and at what price?


Do make it blue. Would love it! Also any plans on making the celestial fan? That would be an art piece to flex!


As a capitalism supporting val player, this would be hella cool, but the only problem is the actually vct knife has lots of tough textures to recreate, as it has damascus, and a crystal texture, also if you were to figure this out, the colors are very important, as the vibrant color scheme of the knife gives it its amazing feel and look. Overall it could be an amazing product if done right, which based off your previous products, seems likely, and would be an amazing way to increase shop traffic, as valorant players can’t ask for much more.


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