New Bloodhound Heirloom 1:1 Scale Raven Bite Metal Replica

New Bloodhound Heirloom 1:1 Scale Raven Bite Metal Replica

Bloodhound is one of the most popular characters in Apex legends.

I think his/her heirloom is awesome.

But some customers complained that the elder Raven bite replica in my store is a little smaller and doesn't use the real rope on the handle.

raven bite 30cm

So I decide to make a new version of it which is bigger and which has a real rope-wrapped handle.

raven bite 3d model

Soon, I found a really cool design via Google and decide to make it according to this picture.

To make it more close to the orignal design in game, I redesigned it and added the pendants on the Bloodhound heirloom.

raven bite new design

The Raven bite and all the pendants are made of zinc alloy.

As for the handle, I will use real parachute rope which always applied for camping tool knives. The way to wrap the rope will imitate the game design.

raven bite handle

raven bite 1:1 scale

The color of the new Raven bite will be painted according to the color in game to make a 100% similarity. 

raven bite project

hopefully, we will see the final product before Christmas.

After 2 months  hardworking, I finally finished the prototype of my new Raven Bite.

Let's take a look at them.

The unpainted metal bloodhound axe.

unpainted bloodhound axe

It has more details than the elder edition.

raven bite head

raven bite heirloomThere will be two paint option for this Apex Bloodhound heirloom.

raven bite life size

You can choose the one you prefer.


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