Pathfinder Heirloom Project Updates

Pathfinder Heirloom Project Updates

A lot of my followers are asking for the updates of Pathfinder heirloom via e-mails or commenting on my elder blog.

So I think I have to update some news about it.

This is the newest prototype I just finished, some detials are still need to be adjusted.

pathfinder heirloom

The project is still in progress now hopefully I can finish it in Oct.

I made 2 prototype of it during last few months, but still not so satisfied with them.

This is one the elder sample I have made.

pathfinder heirloom sample

The pathfinder heirloom has a screen that will change to different animation.

But since there are some other people already made 3D printed Pathfinder heirloom that only for display.

My goal is to make a real functional Pathfinder heirloom--boxing gloves.

For real functional boxing gloves a screen is impossible because it's too dangerous. 

The screen may hurt the wearer or their competitiors when boxing. 

But the animation changing function looks so amazing for the pathfinder heirloom.

I can not just give up it.

And it's difficult to choose which picture to use if I can only keep one or two on the gloves.

Finally, a suggestion from one of my INS followers helps me out.

He suggest me to use magic tapes on the boxing gloves, so the owner can change the picture according to their taste.

So I sealed the previous samples and turn to the new one with magic tapes.

This is the design of the new one.

pathfinder heirloom design

The design of Magic tapes.

pathfinder magic tapes design

Details of the newest product in progress.

The one for right hand.

pathfinder heirloom

Left hand one.

pathfinder heirloom

The back side of the pathfinder boxing gloves

back side of pathfinder heirloom

Magic Tapes I made

pathfinder magic tapes

I will keep improving this heirloom and try my best to finish it asap.

Anyone want more updates can follow my ins for daily updates.



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Will there be multiple sizes? I have quite large hands.


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