Re4 Leon S Kennedy Weapon Suitcase IRL Unboxing

Re4 Leon S Kennedy Weapon Suitcase IRL Unboxing

The Re4 Remake might be the best game this year.

I'm on my way for finishing the game third time now.

More important for me is the Leon's weapon suitcase is finished now.

I made an unboxing video for it.

It contains 11 weapons and equipment of Leon.

Semi-automatic sniper rifle x1, shotgun(Riot Gun) x1, TMP SMG x1, handgun(Silver Ghost) x1, revolver(Broken Butterfly) x1, Rokect Launcher(Ada Wang's special edition) x1, Leon's dagger x1, Grenade x1, Flash bomb x1, Incendiary Grenade x1, First Aid Spray x1.

re4 miniatures

All of them are made of metal and have nice details.

re4 riot shotgun ad rpg
tmp smg re4
re4 bombs
The aluminum alloy suitcase will protect them from delivery damage.
re4 weapon gift box
It looks high-end, nice for gifting to your friend who loves Re4.
re4 weapon gift box


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