RGX Butterfly Knife Project

RGX Butterfly Knife Project

It seems the RGX butterfly knife is a very popular game weapon now.

RGX Knife
I have got a lot of messages and emails to persuade move to an RGX balisong from Valorant.
After checking the review video of this knife, I think it's really cool and worth a try.
So this project is in progress now.
And there is the draft I made for it.

rgx knife draft

rgx 3d draft

More information will be updated via my social media, you can follow my Instagram or subscribe to my site for more updates.


Hey would I be able to request a color combo while purchasing one of these? The Lime variant w/ the Turquois/Cyan lighting has been my favorite for a while now and I was wondering if it’d be too much work to be made for purchase?


Please make sure to use the screws you normally use for a functional balisong that way its not meant for display but rather for playing with it.


Will you make different variations, such as the black, red, green and yellow versions of the knife?


Will it be plastic or full metal? And any estimation on realease date?


It would be a blunt prop, you can use it as a trainer too, although it might not be as good as a professional trainer.

Leone Tang

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