RGX Butterfly Knife Replica Updates and Review

RGX Butterfly Knife Replica Updates and Review

The RGX butterfly knife should be one of the coolest game knives I have ever seen.

I have tried my best to make the perfect replicas for it.

rgx knife blue

And they are popular with my followers once they are released.

To get some objective feedback from the third-party community, I have shipped some samples to a balisong flipping community for review.

Let's see what they said about my RGX knifves.

BTW, I have upgraded some option of my RGX knife to Luminous version.

They are the Blue version, Green Version, and the Red Version.

blue rgx knife

RGX Knife Red Version

rgx knife red

YYou can order this knife here


Is the knife sharp or is it a trainer and not sharp at all?

lachlan vitale

the red and blue version is luminous version now

leone tang

Can I buy the luminous version too?


Is it on washers or bushings? Also, if I added lube to it would it be a good trainer? Ive been looking at these for a while now, and I want to know if theyd be good for training or just for display, either way im probably going to get one soon


how long would it take to get deliveredd


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