Sovereign Knife Project

Sovereign Knife Project

Whenever I post a new project, someone comments--"still no Sovereign knife".

Well, it seems I will hurt someone's feelings if I keep ignoring this request.

So I started this Sovereign knife project.

Sovereign Knife 3D model

It will be another life-size metal blunt blade prop like other knife replicas I have made.

In another word, it will be handicraft for decorating only.

Like other works I have done before, I will try my best to make it a highly-detailed knife replica of the original one in the game.

I will also apply some gemstones as the eagle handle eyes too.

Sovereign Knife irl

The glowing effect will also be applied to this sword.

I will use the luminous paint that I have applied to the RGX knife/blade of this sword.

Sovereign knife metal life size
So it will glow in the dark after being charged under strong light.

Since this sword has a bigger area for the luminous paint, I think the final effect will look insane.

Sovereign knife luminous effect

Hopefully, we will see the final product this May.

More details will be posted on my Ins and Youtube.

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