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10-Layer Brown Wood Display Holder Wooden Kit

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10-Layer Brown Wood Display Holder Wooden Kit


1. This display holder is suitable for small swords/katanas (1:5/1:6/1:7) collectors, it will make your collection higher level.

2. It can display 5-8 small swords/katanas according to their shape, I have built some sense for advice. It's not suitable for displaying multiple of my full-size ACG replicas. 

3. What I sell are wooden kits, this display holder needs to be assembled by yourself. That's to lower the damage rate that will happen during transit. 

Size: 25cm*5.5cm*15cm/9.8''*2.1''*5.9''

Weight: 83g/2.9oz

Material: Brown Wood

Package: Plastic Bag


1. Display Small Swords/Katanas/ACG weapons