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SAO Classical Swords Bow Miniature 6 in 1 Pack

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Blue Rose Asuna Radiant Light Miniature Lisbeth Rapier Kirito Ordinal Scale Small Sword Shino' Bow 


1. Blue Rose

Length: 8CM/3.14"

Weight: 86.0g/3.0Oz

2. Radiant Light

Length: 22CM/8.7"

Weight: 95.1g/3.35Oz

3. Kazuto Ordinal Scale

Length: 22CM/8.7"

Weight: 81.0g/2.85Oz

4. Fragrant Olive Sword

Length: 22CM/8.7"


5. Lisbeth Rapier

Length: 22CM/8.7"

Weight: 86g/3.0Oz

6. Shino' Bow

Length: 6.4CM/2.51"

Weight: 42.8g/1.5Oz

Material: Zinc Alloy

Package: Plastic Card Box