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AM004 Roman Siege Tower Model 3D Wooden Puzzle Craft Kits For Adult

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Roman Siege Tower 3D Model Wooden Craft

This is the biggest military model kit we have.

A model kit of Roman siege tower which helps you understand how the Roman Legion conquered other countries.

What we provide is the model kit you need to assemble it yourself. Soldiers' models are not included in the kit. 

Roman Siege Tower

Soilders on the Siege tower

Siege Tower Brass Hammer

It is the ancient chariot series-

Roman siege tower

Length: 22CM

Width: 14CM

Height: 37CM

Here is a story about it:

The Roman siege tower is mainly a siege weapon that controls the wall and helps the soldiers to enter the city.

It is a wooden tower with a multi-layer structure. Each floor is provided with a springboard. The main purpose is to cross it on the city wall.

It can send the soldiers into the stronghold.

A smashing hammer is also mounted below the tower to attack the walls or gates below.

In the Masada war of 73-74 AD, the Roman army built a siege tower up to 25 meters in height.

Successfully broke the easy-to-guard Masada fortress.


It has five floors, and soldiers can climb to the corresponding level according to the height of the city wall.


It has eight wheels at the bottom, and it is known as "Roman Stronghold-City Breaker"


It has a high-quality brass bumper on the bottom.


At the top of the siege tower, our soldiers battled with the enemy.


Easy to disassemble, parts are intact.

The cutting is precise and the error is controlled within 5 microns.

The card slot is accurate, and the assembly is smooth.


Our products are equipped with a full set of assembly equipment, allowing you to easily make your own ancient chariot at home.

Roman Siege tower

All the parts are high-precision cut by the laser cutting machine.

High-quality model kit