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AM005 Siege Tower Military Model 3d Wooden Puzzle Model Kits

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AM005 Siege Tower Military Model 3d Wooden Puzzle Model Kits

Siege Tower

This is a small scale wooden military model of Siege Tower.

It is popular by handicraft enthusiasts and military model lovers.

Siege Tower

We do not provide the glue for the rule of international transportation. You need to purchase it in your market.

What we provide is the model kit you need to assemble it by yourself.

Want to experience the fun of an ancient combat commander?

It is the ancient chariot series-

Big Siege Car

Length: 23CM

Width: 15CM

Height: 34CM

Here is a story about it:

A siege vehicle (Big Mac) is dedicated to attacking strong castles.

It is a large and powerful giant chariot that integrates the lower siege cone, the middle siege tower, the upper springboard and the arrow tower.

It is indestructible.

The offensive soldier first pushed the car down the city, or hit the gate or boarded the siege tower.

Under the attack of the arrow tower soldiers and other attacks, they penetrated into the city through the springboard connected to the city wall.

This kit is made in accordance with the high simulation design of its real tank structure.

Let you fully experience its principle and production fun.


It has a total of five floors, the fourth floor has a jump bridge, and the bottom layer is the siege cone.

It has six wheels at the bottom.

The commander can let the soldiers attack in two horses. The bottom layer breaks the city and the upper layer enters the city.

Easy to disassemble, parts are intact.

The cutting is precise and the error is controlled within 5 microns.

The card slot is accurate, and the assembly is smooth.

Our products are equipped with a full set of assembly equipment, allowing you to easily make your own ancient chariot at home.