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AM006 Scythed Chariot Military Wooden Mechanical Models

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AM006 Scythed Chariot Military Wooden Mechanical Models

Scythed Chariot Military Models

Does it look deterrent?

It is the ancient chariot series----

Scythed Chariot

Length: 30CM/11.8"

Width: 22CM/8.7"

High: 14CM/5.5"

Weight: 250g/8.8oz

Proportion: 1:35

Raw Material: Wood

About the Scythed Chariot:

The sickle chariot was first produced by the secretary of "Da Vinci Machine" 

And it is one of Da Vinci's most outstanding works.

During the years he lived in Milan, he created two chariots equipped with knives, and this was one of them.

This chariot with four scythes will be wounded in a different place.

On the surface, you might even feel a psychological deterrent! It is indeed the most killing machine in the design world.

It uses a birdcage gear structure to drive the central wheel to rotate through wheel rotation.

The torque is transmitted to the sickle connection mechanism at the top, which drives the sickle to rotate.

It has two wheels at the bottom and can move quickly on the battlefield.

Easy to disassemble, parts are intact.

The cutting is precise and the error is controlled within 5 microns.

The card slot is accurate, and the assembly is smooth.

Our products are equipped with a full set of assembly equipment, allowing you to easily make your own ancient chariot at home.

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Scythed Chariot Mechanical Models

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