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3-Layer Handmade Blood Sandalwood Mini Display Holder

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3-Layer Handmade Blood Sandalwood Mini Display Holder


1. You will get a 1 pc blood sandalwood display holder by ordering it.  This display holder is handmade of high-end African blood sandalwood. It's made for collectors who need high-end display holders for their small swords/katanas/weapons collection.

2. Each of the stands can be used to display 1-3 small swords/katanas/weapons, I have built some scenes for advice. 

3. It also works for some of my full-size crafts, such as game balisongs, karambit knives, kunai, etc.

Dimension: 9cm*2.8cm*8CM/3.5''*1.1''*3.1''


Material: Blood Sandalwood

Package: Carton Box

Technology: Handmade

Application: High-End ACG Weapons Display(Small Swords, Mini Katana, My Game Balisongs Etc.)