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DIY 3D Desert Eagle Rubber Band Gun Solid Puzzle Board

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Product Information

Product Name: Desert Eagle Rubber Band Gun

Finished Product Size: 12.8*3.2*18

Material: Wood

Package: Color Carton

Package Size: 
37.0 cm * 23.4 cm * 2.4 cm

Applicable age: Over 8


XJ-G001 沙漠之鹰皮筋手枪 (3)



Finished Product Size
XJ-G001 沙漠之鹰皮筋手枪  (2)
Assembly Diagram


Product Details






 Product Introduction


     This is a DIY 3D wooden model toy assembled by ourselves. The parts of the product are connected with each other through a tenon structure, and the whole model is skillfully interspersed with each other in the three-dimensional space. Designers recreate the toy through amazing art. People are familiar with prehistoric dinosaurs, wild animals, cool car models, aircraft models, ship models, weapons, World-famous buildings and so on get perfect artistic representation in a new way, creating a wonderful and wonderful color micro world that makes the brain hole open, bringing a kind of impact and enjoyment in thinking and vision! 3D three-dimensional model toys can train hand-brain coordination ability, provide spatial imagination and enhance memory, and make teaching and fun, Set knowledge, interest, intelligence, decoration in one, for many years by domestic and foreign consumers love.


Assembly tips

1. Keep the color picture, packing box, assembly manual, and other printed materials properly

If you have lost the manual, you can contact us for the electronic version of the plane assembly diagram or 3D three-dimensional assembly diagram


2. Do not rush to dismantle and assemble the model
After unpacking the product, do not immediately dismantle the parts on the plate for assembly. Follow the following scientific steps step by step to achieve twice the result with half the effort.  

Step 1:
Take a close look at the color picture or the model drawing on the color box to get a general understanding of the whole model structure.

Step 2:
Arrange the removed plates in order according to the plane diagram on the back of the color map to ensure that the plates are complete, and have a general understanding of what parts are on each plate

Step 3:
Start to dismantle the useful parts on the plate, and the useless parts can be left on the plate, and do not dismantle them. (some useless parts of the product have been deducted in the production process, and the useful parts are all linked to each other and will not be lost. Please do not worry about the lack of useful parts) do not use brute force in the disassembly process, so as to avoid damaging the parts with color screen printing, so as to win by wisdom rather than by strength.

Step 4:
The removed parts are classified and placed, and the parts with the same or symmetrical structure are put together. The disassembled parts are sorted and stacked according to the size order, which is convenient to find the components accurately and quickly in the later assembly.

Step 5:
According to the part bayonet numbers 1 to 1, 2 to 2 compiled on the plane assembly diagram and 3D three-dimensional assembly diagram, find the corresponding bayonet for assembly and proceed in order according to the three-dimensional diagram deduction step by step. Pay attention to the direction of the two bayonets during assembly, do not deviate too much, so as to reduce the friction resistance between plates, and the bayonet assembly will be very smooth. As long as you are patient and careful, the whole model will magically appear in your hands, and your sense of accomplishment will be overwhelming!



a. Not suitable for children under 3 years old!

b. Children aged 4-7 should be accompanied by adults or parents.

c.The products are made of natural wood processing toy-grade plywood. The front and back sides of the board are made of natural wood. After being sliced, they are pressed on the core of the board at a high temperature, which is safe and non-toxic. Please keep the product away from fire or water source, so as not to cause danger or affect the normal use of the product.