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G17 Miniature Pistol Gun Model 6CM/2.4"

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G17 Miniature Pistol Gun Model 6CM/2.4"

As a world-famous law enforcement pistol the G pistol is widely appeared in games and films.

This is a miniature gun model made according to the G17.

It has a metal sleeve while the body is made of ABS plastic. (As the real G pistol is)

It's a hand-polished, hand-painted, display-only metal craft. (Metal parts are processed with handwork)

There are some moveable parts of it but it can not launch any bullets. (More details are shown in the video)

The bullet magazine is detachable.


Length: 6CM/2.4"

Weight: 26g/0.9z

Material: Zinc Alloy

Making Process: Casting, Hand-Polished, Hand-painted

All given sizes and dimensions are approximate.

Items included: G17 miniature x1