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Heirloom Display Holder 4-Layer Wooden Stand

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Heirloom Display Holder 4-Layer Wooden Stand 

Hello, friends, Leone here.

My handmade wooden display holder is finally coming!

This nice holder is necessary to collect your heirlooms.

There is an Apex logo pattern on the holder which looks cool.


1. This wooden display holder mainly displays our heirloom crafts, such as the life-size game Wraith Kunai, Octane balisongs, etc. Please ensure it suits your demands. 

2. Each of the stands can be used to display 4 of our heirloom crafts, I have built some scenes for advice.


Dimension: 24CM*6CM*9CM/9.4''*2.4''*3.5'' (LxWxH)


Material: Bamboo Wood, Alloy

Package: Plastic Foam Bag