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Hot Game Gun Keychain Charms On Sale

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Hot Game Gun Keychain Charms

Those gun keychains are mainly sold in packs.

Buying a pack and sharing it with your friends is a good idea, each of them can be lower to about 3-4$.

Sniper pack including--Kraber x1, Triple Take x1, Long Bow x1, P220 x1, RE-45 x1

Commandos Pack including-Peacekeeper x1, Mastiff x1, EVA-8 x1, R99 x1, R301 x1, Alternator x1

Shock Worker Pack including- Havoc x1, Flatline x1, G7 Scout x1, Devotion x1, Spitfire x1, Hemlok x1 

18 in 1 Pack including- All the 3 packs plus the Wingman.

Material: Zinc Alloy

Length: 6-12cm/2.7-4.7"

Weight: 30g-60/1.1-2.1oz

Package: Transparent Plastic Box