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Classical Middle Age Sword Longclaw Oathkeeper Needle Catspaw 4 in 1 Pack

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Jon Snow Longclaw Brienne of Tarth Oathkeeper Arya Stark Needle Rapier Catspaw Dagger

Those small swords are made according to 4 famous weapons in GOT.

They are hand-polished, hand-painted casting metal crafts.

The blades of the small swords are blunt-safe for collection and display.

The 4 in 1 pack is attacked with a 4-layer display stand.


Length( Longclaw): 22CM/8.7"

Weight( Longclaw): 76.9g/2.7Oz

Length( Oathkeeper): 22CM/8.7"

Weight( Oathkeeper): 96.3g/3.4Oz

Length( Catspaw): 18CM/7.1"

Weight( Catspaw): 93.1g/3.3Oz

Length(Needle): 22CM/8.7"

Weight( Needle): 52.6g/1.9Oz

Material: Zinc Alloy

Package: Carton