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Life-size Lifeline Heirloom Shock Sticks Metal Replica Estimated Releasing Date is Jan 5th-10th.

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$89.99 USD

Lifeline Heirloom Metal Replica Shock Stick 

Hey guys, updated on Dec. 21
I have finished the 1:1 scale lifeline heirloom prototype and am turning to make the stock for sale.
You can pre-order one of them now.
The pre-ordering customers will get a 20$ discount on this craft, and the price is 89$ including the shipping cost.
Consider the international shipping cost of this over 1Kg items is about 30$, this is a very cheap price for pre-ordering order.
The pre-ordering discount ends when it's released for shipping.
The estimated releasing date is Jan 5th-10th.
Get it while you can.
Important for buying: 
The pictures show you the final product you will get.
This is a handmade item, so each one of them is not 100% the same, but, it should be 99% similar to each one.

Reason for buying

1. 1:1 scale, limited quantity

2. Cool gift for lifeline main gamers

3. Highly detailed and hand-painted, all the images are sculptured on the heirloom

4. 100% metal and won't rust

5. Won't fade for years 

6. Free-shipping

7. Carton package

Length: 50cm/19.6"

Scale: 1:1

Weight: 1060g/37.4oz
Package: Carton Box