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Creative Lifeline Heirloom Ball Pen Metal Replica

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$22.90 USD
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$38.00 USD
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$22.90 USD

Lifeline Heirloom Replica Ball Pen

This is a special gift made for gamers, especially Lifeline main gamers.

This mini lifeline heirloom has a lot of details about Lifeline heirloom.

And it's functional, you will always need a pen, and there are 2 unique pens for you.

1. 100% made of metal

2. 2 unique pen

3. Mini Lifeline shock sticks replica

4. Comes with 4 spare cartridges 

5. Real useful gift for gamers

Length: 19cm/7.5''

Weight: 96g/3.4oz

Material: Zinc Alloy

Package: Plastic Card Box

Technology: Handmade