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M416 Wooden Rubber Band Gun Model Kit

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M416 Wooden Rubber Band Gun Model Kit

HK416 Wooden Gun Model Kit M416 Wood Rubber Band Gun M4 Carbine Rifle USA Special Force Formed Weapon Hobby Collection

The HK416 is a gas-operated assault rifle chambered for the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge. 

It is designed and manufactured by the German company Heckler & Koch.

It's equipped by the USA special forces, and therefore widely appeared in Hollywood movies.

As a world-famous assault rifle, it's loved by gun lovers.

This wooden gun replica is inspired by the HK416.

It's around a 1:1 scale, the main material is natural beech wood and bixa orellana.

It's a wooden model kit so you still need to assemble it yourself before enjoying the fun of playing with it.

This 11 minutes video will teach you how to assemble it, it's easy.

Video link

Reason for choosing it?

1. It's a handmade wooden craft made of natural wooden material, it's amazing for playing with it or using it as a display art;

2. Made of natural wooden material, no paint no toxic, safe for kids;

3. Rubber band gun is a funny/interactive toy that children are enjoying playing with, it will be a wonderful birthday gift.

4. Nice gift for gun lovers or military hobby lovers.


Length: 61CM/24"

Weight(Final Product): 580g/20.4Oz

Material: Beech Wood, bixa orellana

Package: Carton Box

Capacity: 4--8PCS

Range: 6M/20Feet

Accessories: Rubber Bands x50PCS

Important for buying:

1. It's made of natural wood material, and each wood material has a different texture, and color, please understand that the final product you get might have a color different from the one in the picture;

2. All the parts of the AK47 wooden replica are included in the wooden model kit, but some tools for assembling it are not included, you need to prepare the screwdriver, glue, and beeswax (not a must-have) by yourself.

3. It's pretty safe for playing with it, but please do not shoot it toward people's sensitive parts, the eyes for example;

4. It would be a long journey for the international delivery, please contact me directly asap once you find there is any damage made by the express violence, and I will provide an exchange or spare parts for solving the problem.