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MG 3 Metal Miniature Machine Gun 19CM/7.5"

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MG 3 Metal Miniature Machine Gun 19CM/7.5"

This is an alloy gun miniature made according to the famous MG3 machine gun used by the German army during World War 2.

The support, scopes, and drum magazine are attachable.

There is a keychain at the end of this miniature, you can hang it on your backpack.

You can also use it as a figure weapon, just make sure your figure size is cause it might be a little bigger for some figures.


Length: 19CM/7.5"

Weight: 136g/4.8Oz

Material: Zinc Alloy

Making Process: Casting, Hand-Polished, Hand-painted

All given sizes and dimensions are approximate.

Items included: MG 3 Machine Gun Miniature x1, Drum Magazine x1, Red Bot Scope x1, 4x Scope x1, 6x Scope x1, Machine Gun Support x1