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2nd Octane Balisong Metal Model-Octane Heirloom Replica

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2nd Octane balisong metal replica (Blunt blade prop)

Hey, guys Leone here. 

Updated on Sept. 19th.
Octane heirloom ordered now has a small improvement that the screws are hexagon instead of the cross point. (more close to the original design now)
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Handmade handicrafts might have a little deflects sometimes, the international delivery also might make some scratches on the crafts.  Please think about it if you are a perfectionist and don't order if you can not accept it.

Here are some answers to your questions 
1. Q: What's the difference between the 1st generation and 2nd?
    A: I will provide a handmade leather sheath to the 2nd Octane balisong which you can see in the product picture.
The color of the 2nd Octane heirloom will be much darker, more accurate to the original game design.
The needle part is not fully green now. Only one-third top part is painted with green paint. It's more closed to the original design too.

2. Q: If I order now when will you ship it?
    A:  We will start to ship the 2nd Octane balisong from Aug 1st, and the order processing time is usually 1-3days.

3. Q: I ordered your Octane balisong when will it arrive?
    A: It takes 15-25days to the USA, 20-30days to the EU and other areas. 

4. Q: I can not track my order via the Shop App, What's happened?
    A: The shop app might not track our tracking code, you can check the tracking information on or other tracking sites.

5. Q: Why the delivery of my order was failed?
    A: There are a lot of reasons that your orders were failed to be delivered. For example the customs problem. But 90% of orders to the USA was failed to be delivered because customers have not left an exact address here. For example, forget to put their Apartment number on the order. Please contact your local post office asap if the delivery was failed, they will help you to pick it up.

6. Q: It's been a week why the USPS tracking information was never updated?
    A: The USPS tracking code only shows you the delivery information in the USA, new information will be updated when it arrives in the hands of the USPS.

7. Q: Can you ship to my country?

       A: We have found more shippers worldwide. You can try to place an order to check it. 

8. Q: How many sets of the second generation Octane balisong do you have?
    A: 500pcs.

9. Q: I regretted can I return it?
    A: Yes. You can return it in 15days after receiving it. I will refund you after get it back. Please notice that buyer needs to pay the returning shipping cost. 

10. Q: The package is damaged/lost?
    A: Please contact me directly via my e-mail. I will contact the post office to investigate it and solve the problem. 

11. Q: Are they sharp?
    A: They are blunt and can not be sharpened, it's metal but not steel so it can not be sharpened as a real knife. 

12. Q: My balisong's screws are keeping getting loose, Are there any tips to avoid it?
    A: You can try to drop some strong glue into the nuts and then tight the screws, mine works. Or you can replace them with some professional balisong screws. Screws fit those parameters might work--nut diameter 4mm, nut length 8mm, nut head diameter 6mm.

Material: Zinc Alloy (metal)

Opened Length: About 25CM/9.8"

Folding Length: 19.5CM/7.7"

Weight: 185g/6.5oz

Scale: 1:1 

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