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Octane Heirloom V3 Real Liquid Tube Craft Balisong Metal Replica

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Octane Heirloom V3 Real Liquid Tube Craft Balisong Metal Replica 

Hey, guys Leone here. 

Updated on Feb 29th, 2024.
I have updated my V3 Octane heirloom package for a new gift carton.
The new carton box gives the Octane heirloom better protection during delivery (Especially protecting the tube from getting damaged).
And also made it a nice piece for gifting a close friend : )
The price would still be the same as the elder one.
There are still a few of the old package versions here, I have put them on a big sale, you can get the elder version if the package is not a problem for you. 
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Handmade handicrafts might have a little deflects sometimes, the international delivery also might make some scratches on the crafts.  Please think about it if you are a perfectionist.

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions 
1. Q: What are the updates you made for the V3?
    A: The biggest improvement is the real liquid tube. (That's a long story to make the tube for Octane's heirloom. I will update the product story in my blog.) The liquid tube makes the Octane heirloom has a higher similarity to the original design in-game. And the scratches on the acrylic tube are not obvious so it's better for display especially after you flipped it. 

The second big improvement is the needle part, it has a threaded head now. So you can just screw it on the blade without any tools. It's also no longer as loose as it was because of this improvement.

The new hexagon screws were processed with glue, so it's not as easy to get loose as it was. The downside is you need an Allen wrench to disassemble it now. (I think most of you guys don't need to disassemble it)

2. Q: Can I use the V3 as a tranier?
    A: It still has a blunt blade but I suggest you buy a real trainer instead of my craft to master the balisong skills. The octane heirloom's structure is not a good trainer design. This is mainly for collection. The acrylic tube is much stronger than the glass tube, but, it might break too if you always drop it on solid ground. 

3. Q: What's the liquid inside?
    A:  It's a mixture of edible oil, food coloring, and cocktail glitter. It's safe for people, but, don't try to drink it for any reason. By the way, the liquid will precipitate, shaking it for a better effect.

4. Q: Would you give us a holiday discount?
    A:  I provide a 10$ discount. You can get it at the price of 39.99$ now.

5. Q: If I order now when will you ship it?
    A:  We will ship your order in 1-3 days after you place the order. Plz, notice that I will verify orders that are marked as scam risk orders (yes, I'm worried about it too) by the website system by e-mailing you. So please leave a valid e-mail address on the order.

6. Q: I ordered your Octane balisong when will it arrive?
    A: It takes 15-25 days to the USA and about 20-40 days to the EU and other areas. 

7. Q: I can not track my order via the Shop App, What's happened?
    A: The shop app might not track our tracking code, you can check the tracking information on or other tracking sites.

8. Q: Why did the delivery of my order fail?
    A: There are a variety of reasons that your orders failed to be delivered. For example the customs problem. But 90% of orders to the USA failed to be delivered because customers have not left an exact address here. For example, forget to put their Apartment number on the order. Please contact your local post office ASAP if the delivery fails, they will help you pick it up.

9. Q: It's been a week since the USPS tracking information was never updated.
    A: The USPS tracking code only shows you the delivery information in the USA, new information will be updated when it arrives in the hands of the USPS.

10. Q: Can you ship it to my country?

       A: I ship to the USA, CA, AUS, and main EU countries. You can try to place an order to check it. 

11. Q: I don't want it now can I return it?
    A: Sorry, we can not accept returns because this craft is not able to be sent back to us, it will be detained by our customs. So please make sure you really want it before placing an order. What I can promise is all the pictures and videos of my craft are real so you will get what you see.

12. Q: The package is damaged/lost?
    A: Please contact me directly via e-mail. I will contact the post office to investigate it and solve the problem. 

13. Scam?
As a small businessman, I will never never(another never is to emphasize) scam anybody who supports my small business. You can also contact me directly via if you have any doubts about your order. Yes, the problems happen sometimes, especially because of the specific characteristics of my crafts, but I never scam anyone for any reason. That’s the most basic reason I have run this small site since 2019 and have over 100K followers on social media( You can find me on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok.)

14. Affiliate Marketing?
There are a lot of influencers making content with my crafts like unboxing or cosplay.
Influencers are welcome to contact me via my e-mail for cooperation. I can provide you with free items for review or commission for marketing.

Material: Zinc Alloy (metal)

Opened Length: About 25CM/9.8"

Folding Length: 19.5CM/7.7"

Weight: 180g/6.3oz

Scale: 1:1