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Octane Heirloom V3 Metal Replica Limit Version

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Octane Heirloom V3 Metal Replica Limit Version

Hello, friends, Leone here.

I crafted this high-end Octane Heirloom for you.

This is handmade and hand-polished with nice details.

The liquid tube makes the Octane Heirloom more similar to the original design in-game.

The acrylic tube is much stronger than the glass tube, but it might break too if you always drop it on solid ground.

This craft is mainly for collection.


Material: Zinc Alloy

Opened Length: 25CM/9.8"

Folding Length: 19.5CM/7.7"

Weight: 180g/6.3oz

Scale: 1:1

Some Reasons for Choosing My Version--

1. More solid and durable, allowing customers to feel my insistence on quality;

2. Not only nice decors for your room but a way to connect with the game world;

3. Great display and collection effect;

4. Beautiful details you might never find on other props.