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Pathfinder Heirloom Real Functional Pathfinder Boxing Gloves

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Pathfinder Heirloom Real Functional Pathfinder Boxing Gloves

Hey, guys Leone here updated on Nov. 7th, 2022. 

I have finished the Pathfinder heirloom, and it's available for purchase now.
As you can see it's a pair of real functional boxing gloves.
And maybe it's the most attractive boxing gloves you may ever see.
I started the Pathfinder heirloom project this March, and it takes over a half year to finish it.
Now I'm very satisfied with my work, you can check the pictures and video I attached to see whether it is worth owning. 

Here are some important features about it, read before you buy:

1. The Pathfinder heirloom I made is a pair of leather boxing gloves, it's functional you can use it for boxing training;

2. It's also an impressive game art, you can use it as a game room decoration, a pair of fake wooden hands would be very helpful if you want to display it;
3. There won't be an animation screen on the boxing gloves because they are dangerous for boxing, but there are 6 magic tapes with different images, you can stick different magic tapes on the boxing gloves to show your taste; they are all looking amazing;

4. There is only one size option for boxing gloves at the moment, it's 12Oz, which is suitable for most people, for more questions about the size option are answered in my FAQ.

Handmade handicrafts might have a little deflects sometimes, and international delivery also might make some scratches on the crafts.  Please think about it if you are a perfectionist and don't order if you can not accept it.

1. Q: Whether it is suitable for my hand?
    A: Well, first of all, it's made for Adult fighters. So if you are still a kid, it's not suitable for your fists at the moment.   As for Adults, boxing gloves have enough room for most people, wearing a boxing glove you will find there still has a lot of room for your hand. The difference in boxing glove weight is the cushioning for your fist. Boxing glove sizes are actually measured by weight, using ounces, not size. The standard boxing glove weights are 12, 14, and 16 ounces. The number of ounces refers to the weight of each glove, which indicates how much padding remains between your hand and the opponent (or the punching bag). Beginners usually start from 12Oz or 14 Oz, compared with 14 Oz boxing gloves, 12 Oz is lighter and easier for a long time of exercise. So my 12 Oz Pathfinder heirloom boxing gloves are suitable for most beginner's demands.

2. Q: Is it high quality and durable?
    A: Its quality matches the price, and it is durable for long-term use.

3. Q: Will it fade, get scratches, and break after long life using?
    A:  Of course it will, all boxing gloves will. So if you are hoping to have a perfect display item then don't use it.

4. Q: If I order now when will you ship it?
    A:  I will ship it out in 1-3days after you ordered it.

5. Q: I ordered your item when will it arrive?
    A: It takes 15-25days to the USA, and 20-40days to the EU and other areas. 

6. Q: Will it have shipping to my country?
    A: I have updated the shipping for this item, it contains much more countries than other crafts in my store. For example Asia countries like Japan, Korea, Israel, and UAE, and South American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc. You can try to check out to find out whether your county is available. Please be aware that some countries with extremely high shipping costs need to pay extra money for it.

7. Q: I can not track my order via the Shop App, What's happened?
    A: The shop app might not track our tracking code, you can check the tracking information on or other tracking sites.

8. Q: Why did the delivery of my order was failed?
    A: There are a lot of reasons that your orders failed to be delivered. For example the customs problem. But 90% of orders to the USA failed to be delivered because customers have not left an exact address here. For example, forget to put their Apartment number on the order. Please contact your local post office asap if the delivery failed, they will help you to pick it up.

9. Q: It's been a week since the USPS tracking information was never updated?
    A: The USPS tracking code only shows you the delivery information in the USA, new information will be updated when it arrives in the hands of the USPS.

10. Q: Can you ship to my country?

       A: We have found more shippers worldwide. You can try to place an order to check it. 

11. Q: I regretted can I return it?
    A: Yes. I don't accept returns for this craft.

12. Q: The package is damaged/lost?
    A: Please contact me directly via my e-mail. I will contact the post office to investigate it and solve the problem. 

Material: PU

Weight: 800g/28.2oz

Scale: 1:1 

Package: Plastic Bag

Item list: Boxing Gloves x1 Pair; Magic Tapes x6