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Predator Badge Keychain Predator Rank Insignia Pendant

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Predator Badge Keychain Predator Rank Insignia Pendant

Hello, friends, leone here.

I carefully crafted the metal Predator Badge Keychain which is very cool.

They are hand-crafted by me and made of eco-friendly alloy material with nice details.

The front and back sides of the keychain are shown in the pictures.

Hanging it on your backpack or key is great.

It ensures your gaming experience isn't confined to the screen but integrates into your daily life.

With the tiny keychain, ignite your gaming passion and let the virtual and real worlds merge seamlessly.

Important Features--

Weight: 15g/0.5oz 

Material: Zinc Alloy.

Package: Plastic Sealing Bag

Some Reasons for Choosing My Version--

1. They're metal replicas which makes them more solid and durable, allowing customers to feel my insistence on quality;

2. They're not only nice decors for your backpack and keys but also a way to connect with the game world;

3. Amazing display and collection effect;

4. Beautiful details you might never find on other props.