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High-End RGB Balisong Trainer RGX Knife 2.0 CNC Aluminum Alloy Version

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High-End RGB Balisong Trainer RGX Knife 2.0 CNC Aluminum Alloy Version

Gamers love my RGX knife replica.

But as a balisong trainer, some of the balisong flippers have reported that it's too heavy.

The elder version is made of zinc alloy, which is nice for making it into a cool shape, but it has a heavier weight.

To meet the demand of customers who want a professional balisong trainer or beginners who want a high-quality balisong trainer I made this RGX knife V2.

It would be my best balisong trainer so far.

And I will provide my followers with a very nice price at the moment.

It would be even cheaper than the normal aluminum alloy balisong trainer you found on the market.

Here are some features of the new RGX Knife Trainers.

1. They will use aluminum alloy and steel as the main materials. Unlike the zinc alloy, the aluminum alloy is much more lighter and stronger. My RGX Knife V2 is about 40% lighter than the elder one.

2. Unlike the elder casting balisong trainers, they will be CNC-cutting balisong trainers. The CNC cutting technology is widely applied to high-end balisong trainers.

3. There will be bearings and spacers inside the handle to make a better flipping experience.

4. The paintwork will be a little different from the old one. There will be 3 colors of luminous paint on the blade,  red (orange-red), green, and blue.

Handmade handicrafts might have a little deflect sometimes, and international delivery also might make some scratches on the crafts.  Please think about it if you are a perfectionist and don't order if you can not accept it.

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Technology: CNC Cutting, hand-painted

Fold Length: 13.5CM/5.3"

Open Length: 24CM/9.4''

Weight: 100g/3.5oz

Scale: 1:1 

Package: Carton Box

1. I ordered your item how can I track it?
Firstly, thanks for your support for my small business. You can track the order via the tracking code we send to your mailbox. Sometimes the mail might be blocked by your mail system. Please check your junk box or contact us via our after-sales e-mail address to get the tracking code if this situation happens. 

2. How long does the delivery take?
The delivery time is unstable during the COVID-19 period. It’s about 15-25 days to the USA and 20-40 days to other countries. Sometimes it might be a little longer when the items are under review by your customs. 
We will also keep some of my hot sale crafts in the USA warehouse I rent, they have a much faster delivery to the USA, like 3-5 days. The item is various, you can contact us directly if you need to make an urgent order.

3. I don’t want the order now, can I cancel it?
Yes, but please contact us within 24 hours, a cancellation is unacceptable after the order was shipped out.

4. I don’t like my order any more, can I return it?
Sorry, we can not accept returns because most of the crafts here are not able to send back to us, they will be detained by our customs. So please make sure you really want my crafts before placing an order. What I can promise is all the pictures and videos of my craft are real so you will get what you see.

5. Can I get some spare parts to repair the craft?
I usually provide free parts (when it’s available for repair) for customers to repair their craft, but the customer needs to overtake the shipping cost.

6. Scam?
As a small businessman, I will never never(another never is to emphasize) scam anybody who supports my small business. You can also contact me directly via if you have any doubts about your order. Yes, problems happen sometimes, especially because of the specific characteristics of my crafts, but I never scam anyone for any reason. That’s the most basic reason I can run this small site since 2019 and have over 100K followers on social media( You can find me on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tiktok.)

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