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Steampunk HK416 Miniature Metal Gun 21CM/8.3"

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Steampunk HK416 Miniature Metal Gun 21CM/8.3"

As a nice assault rifle that equipment by the USA special force, the HK416 always appears in games.

Therefore loved by gun lovers and gamers.

This is a steampunk-style HK416 miniature inspired by the HK416.

It's a hand-polished, hand-painted metal handicraft for display only.

The scope, silencer, and magazine clip are attachable.

You can display it in your game room, there is an option with a tiny gun stand to make a better display effect.


Length: 21CM/8.3"(With Silencer)

Weight: 160g/5.6Oz

Material: Zinc Alloy

Making Process: Casting, Hand-Polished, Hand-painted

All given sizes and dimensions are approximate.

Items included: HK416 miniature x1, Magazine x1, Red Dot Scope x1, 4x Scope x1, 6X Scope x1, Silencer x1, Tactical Handle x1