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The Most Accurate Wraith Kunai -Wraith Heirloom 1:1 Scale

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Blade Paint Option

The Most Accurate Wraith Kunai -Wraith Heirloom 1:1 Scale

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Color: Orignal

Material: Metal Alloy



Hello friends, 
Leone here on 11th Nov. 2021. 
Sorry for letting you wait so long.
The blue and purple blade Wraith heirlooms are finally released today.
(It takes me almost 3 months to make them. My goal is to make something you will like to collect for a long time. )
You can order them now, and most of you guys should be able to get them before Christmas if you order in November. 
 Here are some important things you need to read before purchasing it.

1. The light effect is only applied to the blue and purple blade Wraith heirloom.
It's not obvious in daylight but looks amazing at night. But to make it glow, you need to charge it under strong light like sunshine. 

2. Blue and purple blade options have a handmade leather sheath, but the white blade one doesn't have it.

3. The light effect is hand-painted, so the texture of each Wraith kunai may have differences in thickness and depth color depth. The difference is not a quality problem. 

4. Each wraith heirlooms come with a handmade metal holder, white blade one attached with golden holder while the blue and purple ones are attached with red holders.

5. Handmade handicrafts might have a little deflects, the international delivery also might make some scratches on the crafts.  Please think about it if you are a perfectionist and don't order if you can not accept it.

6. The delivery time in the COVID-19 period is longer than before. To the USA is about 15-25days, to EU, CA, AUS, the UK is about 20-40days.

7. Plz, double-check the address you have applied to the order, don't forget the Apt number, and notice the Auto-correct function or Auto-fill function of your device. They may cause a wrong address problem. International packages don't provide returning service, both of us can not get the order once it was failed to be delivered. And I won't refund for the wrong address order.