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Wooden Ballistic Knife Model Kit 3D Puzzle

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Wooden Ballistic Knife Model Kit 3D Puzzle

This is a ballistic knife 3d wooden puzzle.

Unlike a static wooden knife model, it's interactive.

Its blade will be ejected when you pull the trigger on the handle.

Please don't shoot it toward any human beings or animals, the blade is a blunt wooden piece, but it's still dangerous to do so.

An English introduction is also included in the model kit.

Reason for choosing it?

1. Cool knife model, funny to play with it;

2. As a puzzle game wooden kit, it's helpful to develop children's intelligence.

3. For parents, it's funny to enjoy your family time by guiding your kids to assemble it.

4. It's a nice display art after finished.


Length: 24CM/9.4"

Weight: 27g/1Oz

Makespan: 30-60 Minutes

Material: Basswood

Range: 6M/20Feet

Important for buying:

1. It's pretty safe for playing with it, but please do not shoot it toward people and animals, espeically the sensitive parts, the eyes for example;

2. It would be a long journey for the international delivery, please contact me directly asap once you find there is any damage made by the express violence, and I will provide an exchange or spare parts for solving the problem.