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WOW Classical Metal Weapons Collection 18 Options

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It's made of metal with a blunt blade. 

You can use it as a figure weapon or display collection.

Those cool weapon miniatures are inspired by classical WOW game weapons.

They are suitable for display in your game room, there are stand options for displaying them.


1. 22CM Frostmourne 

Length: 22cm/8.7"

Weight: 93g/3.2Oz

2.Anduin Lothar Sword

Length: 22cm/8.7"

Weight: 80g/2.8Oz

3. Royale Guard Sword

Length: 22cm/8.7"

Weight: 80g/2.8Oz

4. Shadowmourne Axe

Length: 17cm/6.6"

Weight: 115g/4.0Oz

5. Ashbringer

Length: 18cm/7.1"

Weight: 76g/2.6Oz

6. Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

Length: 22cm/8.7"

Weight: 76g/2.6Oz

7. Immortal Object Sword

Length: 22cm/8.7"

Weight: 92g/3.2Oz

8. 30cm Blue Frostmourne 

Length: 30CM/11.8"

Weight: 221g/7.8oz

9. 30cm Royale Guard Sword

Length: 30cm/11.8"

Weight: 221g/7.8Oz

10. Turalyon Sword Golden

Length: 21CM/8.2"

Weight: 112.7g/3.98Oz

11. The Last Battle

Length: 22CM/8.7"

Weight: 127g/4.48Oz( Only One)

12. Peripherals Cloudsong Glaive

Length: 21CM/8.2"

Weight: 98g/3.48Oz( Only One)

13. Breaker's Bulwark Shield Red

Length: 11CM/4.4"

Weight: 98g/3.4Oz

14. Bulwark of Azzinoth Shield

Length: 8.5CM/3.3"

Weight: 109g/3.8Oz

15. Illidan Stormrage Warglaive of Azzinoth

Length: 27CM/10.6"

Weight: 219g/7.7 Oz( Only One)

16. Ashkandi Greatsword Of The Brotherhood

Length: 21CM/8.2"

Weight: 125g/4.4Oz

17. Gorehowl Axe

Length: 18CM/7.0"

Weight: 141g/5.0Oz

18. Quel'Thalas Graetsword

Length: 21CM/8.2"

Weight: 98g/3.4Oz

All given sizes and dimensions are approximate.

Material: Zinc Alloy

Package: Plastic Sealing Bag


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