A review of our 1st generation Octane balisong

A review of our 1st generation Octane balisong

The Octane butterfly knife is absolutely one of the most attractive heirlooms in Apex Legends.

I received a lot of e-mail and messages to motivate me to make an Octane balisong metal replica.

And finally, I decide to do it this May.

It takes me a week to search the data about it and draw a 3D model of it.

Octane balisong design

About 1 month to make the metal mold and paint it.

Finally, I finished the 1st prototype in early June.


Octane balisongs in progress

Now let's take a look at the final product of my Octane balisong.

 Pictures of the Octane heirloom metal replica.

Octane Balisong
Octane heirloom
folding Octane balisong
unfolding Octane balisong model
Octane balisong in your hand
Octane butterfly knife metal replica

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