Octane Heirloom Recolor Project

Octane Heirloom Recolor Project

Dear Followers, It's me, Leone Tang.

Since I have made the most realistic Octane heirloom in real life.

Octane heirloom I've made

I was requested to make an Octane heirloom recolor version since it was released.

I like the recolor design.

Octane heirloom recolor

It looks even more cyberpunk than the old appearance.

octane heirloom new design

So I can't say no to this project.

Now I'm moving to start this project.

The 3D model is almost finished.

new Octane heirloom 3D model

I will make the replica with metal material like the Octane heirloom V3 I've made.

It will also have real liquid inside the tube.

As for the liquid, I will try my best to rebuild what it is as the game design.

new Octane Heirloom

Maybe I need to make some customized pigment for it.

To improve the flipping effect, it will add bearings inside the handle.

Honestly, I don't think the Octane heirloom has a good balisong design.

The syringe part makes it not so good for doing tricks.

But I will try my best to make it flipping well.

Another improvement is the package.

I will make a specific carton for the Octane heirloom recolor version so it will protect the liquid tube nicely.

Check the new package I've applied to the Octane heirloom V3.

Octane heirloom with carton package

You can also request other features you may want to see from the new replica.

I will try my best to rebuild it.

BTW, I provide a pre-ordering service for this new heirloom.

The final product price will be 39.99$ the same as my Octane heirloom V3.

But the pre-ordering price is 29.99$, 10$ less than buying it in stock.

More information is posted on the pre-ordering page.

Check the pre-ordering page if you are interested in having this heirloom replica.

I will close the pre-ordering pre-sale channel on May 1, 2024.

Leone Tang


Hey there, Love your work. When do think you’ll be able to start shipping it? And will it have the removable Stim Point like on the other one? Thanks.
Leones Marvelous Items replied:
Hello friend, I have put the ETA shipping time on the pre-ordering page, (June 1st). And yes, it will has a removable stim point.   -———————- Original —————————

Dyllon Jones

I don’t actually know if many requested it but i am one of the ones who did and My goodness Can i say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I just had a baby so I’ve not been spending on myself but I 100% need both the OG and the recolor when it finally comes out… again Thank you so much you have no idea how happy this project has made me!!!
Leones Marvelous Items replied:
No problem. Best wishes to you and your baby.

 Original —————————

Jordan Clarke

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