RGX Knife 2.0 RGB Balisong Trainer

RGX Knife 2.0 RGB Balisong Trainer

RGX Knife 2.0 RGB Balisong Trainer

rgx knife trainer

RGX Knife should be one of the most popular game balisong.

My RGX knife replica is absolutely loved by gamers.

But as a balisong trainer, some of the balisong flippers have reported that it's too heavy.

The elder version is made of zinc alloy, which is nice for making it into a cool shape, but it has a heavier weight.

To meet the demand of customers who want a professional balisong trainer or beginners who want a high-quality trainer as a start.

I decide to make a new RGX Knife, you can call it RGX Knife 2.0 or a RGB knife.

rgx baliong trainer

There would be 3 color options for choosing, Red, Green, and Blue.

RGX Knife 2.0

Red RGX Knife V2.

RGX Knife V2

Green RGX Knife V2

Green RGX Knife V2

Blue RGX Knife V2.

Blue RGX Knife 2.0

It will use aluminum alloy and steel as the main materials.

Unlike the elder casting metal crafts, the second one is made by the CNC cutting process.

It means each of them would be independently cut by a high-precision CNC machine.

The painted work will still be processed by handwork.

I will still apply luminous paint on it, so it looks more fantastic during the night and gives it a perfect display effect in your gaming room.

What's different is the blade will have 3 different luminous paint on it, red(orange-red), green, and blue.

RGX Knife V2

To make a better flipping effect, there will be bearings and spacers inside the handle.

The handle is an aluminum alloy one-body design that is durable for long-term training.

It's around 100g/3.2 oz in weight, which is about 40% lighter than the elder one.

The lightweight provides a quite better flipping experience.

I believe it will be the best balisong flipper I've ever made and it would be a very nice balisong trainer for beginners.

Unlike other CNC cutting balisong trainer on the market, I will give my followers a very nice price, it even cheaper than a normal aluminum alloy handle balisong trainer.

you can pre-order it now if you are too impatient to wait : ).

Pre-ordering Link https://www.leonetang.com/products/rgx-knife-2-0-cnc-aluminum-alloy-high-end-rgb-balisong-trainer


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