Arya Stark Valyrian Steel Dagger Catspaw Project

Arya Stark Valyrian Steel Dagger Catspaw Project

Who is your favorite charactor in Game of thrones?

For me, it's Arya Stark.

She is a very smart and brave girl who finally killed the Night's King and saved all of others.

So I decided to make the Catspaw Dagger of her.

arya stark with her dagger

I re-built the 3D model of her weapon.

valyrian dagger

It helps me to find the way to cast the metal parts of the dagger.

valyrian dagger replica

After polishing and painting works, the final product is here.

valyrian dagger
arya dagger

I hope you guys like it.

Anyone who want it can find on my site.

I only made a few pieces of this crafts, so maybe hurry up to get it.


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I purchased this item and I am not disappointed. It’s beautiful ✨

Lajia Huff

Can you please try to create the healing syringe from Apex legends?🙏🥺


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