Frequently Ask Questions

Dear visitors welcome to my site.

This is Leone Tang, the owner of this small site and who designs and makes most of the special crafts sold here. Here I will answer some frequently asked questions to improve your shopping experience.

  1. How do you make those handicrafts?

My crafts are mainly metal-casted items. They are cast by metal molds and polished and painted by hand. Most of them are fictional weapons that do not exist in real life, so I also need to redesign them to make them work as what the game designs.

  1. Do you deliver to my country/area?

I’m a seller and I can’t really carry any items to the buyers. So I cooperate with shipping companies. The problem is most of my crafts are knife shape things that can not be shipped to a lot of countries. And the rules of each country always change as time pass. The simplest way to check it is by trying to place an order with your exact address.

  1. I ordered your item how can I track it?

Firstly, thanks for your support for my small business. You can track the order via the tracking code we send to your mailbox. Sometimes the mail might be blocked by your mail system. Please check your junk box or contact us via our after-sales e-mail address info@leonetang.com to get the tracking code if this situation happens.

  1. Your tracking codes shows nothing/the Shop App says it’s incorrect?

It seems the Shop App does not support some of our tracking codes, especially our tracking code from China post (which usually starts with AQ, and looks like AQ123xxxxCN, most of the customers from the USA will get this code). You can track your order via other third-party tracking sites, https://www.17track.net/en for example. There is also a tracking page on my site to help you track the order.

  1. How long does the delivery takes?

The delivery time is unstable because of a lot of reason. It’s about 15-25days to the USA and 20-40days to other countries. Sometimes it might be a little longer when the items are under review by our customs.

We will also keep some of my hot sale crafts in the USA warehouse I rent, they have a much faster delivery to the USA, like 3-5days. The item is various, you can contact us directly if you need to make an urgent order.

  1. My order never shows up after the tracking code says it’s delivered?

Firstly, please check your mailbox, most of the postman won’t call you when the order comes.

Secondly, feel free to contact us via info@leonetang.com. We will contact our shipper for assistance.

  1. It’s over the promised delivery time but I still haven’t got my order?

The reason is various when an order is not delivered in time, especially because our crafts are mainly knife shape things. It might be reviewed by your customs, detained by customs, or lost during the transit.

Please feel free to contact us, we will check the tracking information with our shipper. We may need some of your patience in getting the order if the order is under review by your customs. And we will provide resending or refund if it’s detained or lost during the transit.

  1. My order is failed to be delivered?

This situation is mainly happening because of an insufficient address according to the explanation of the post office (USPS especially). So please make sure the address is as exact as possible when you place an order. Please understand that buyer need to take the loss if you are providing the wrong address for delivery.

  1. I got a broken item/wrong item?

Our product may contain some parts that are not so solid, and might broke under strong stoke during the transit. We provide a replacement or repair kit for this situation. And we will resend you the correct item if you got the wrong one.

  1. I don’t want the order now, can I cancel it?

Yes, but please contact us within 24hours, a cancellation is unacceptable after the order was shipped out.

  1. I don’t want my order any more, can I return it?

Sorry, we can not accept returns because most of the crafts here are not able to send back to us, they will be detained by our customs. So please make sure you really want my crafts before placing an order. What I can promise is all the pictures and videos of my craft are real so you will get what you see.

  1. I played with it and broke it?

My crafts are mainly made for collecting and displaying. Some of them are thought functional, such as some of the game balisongs. But I don’t suggest you purchase them mainly for training, unless it's mentioned as a real trainer. You need to take the loss if you break it accidentally.

  1. Can I get some spare parts to repair the craft?

I usually provide free parts (when it’s available for repairing) for customers to repair their craft, but the customer needs to overtake the shipping cost.

  1. Customized order?

I rarely take customized orders cause the metal crafts usually take months to develop and the cost is unacceptable for most personal buyers. But you are welcome to e-mail me your idea of crafting, I will consider making a craft when a lot of people want it.

  1. Scam?

As a small businessman, I will never never(another never is to emphasize) scam anybody who supports my small business. You can also contact me directly via info@leonetang.com when you have any doubts about your order. Yes, the problems happen sometimes, especially because of the specific characteristics of my crafts, but I never scam anyone for any reason. That’s the most basic reason I can run this small site since 2019 and have over 100K followers on social media( You can find me on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tiktok.)

  1. Affiliate Marketing?

There are a lot of influencers making content with my crafts like unboxing or cosplay.

Influencers are welcome to contact me via my e-mail info@leonetang.com for cooperation. I can provide you free items for review or commission for marketing.