Champion Butterfly Knife Review from Balisong Flipping

Champion Butterfly Knife Review from Balisong Flipping

The champion butterfly knife should be the best game balisong I have ever made.

Let's see how did the professional balisong flipping community thinking about it.


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How many days would it take for it to arrive?and would it be a good pick for a beginner???


It uses bushing, is available for Canada delivery, and takes 2-3 weeks to arrive

Leone Tang

Does this knife run on bushings, washers, or bearings?


Hello Just wondering If you’re company is reliable because my mum is worried about the website and it being a scam? If so can Australia be delivered to?
Kind regards, Lucca.

Lucca Drury

I try to buy and to pay with paypal as I did 100 times before on the ebay and other web places and I have answer from you :This order can’t be shipped to the address you entered. Review your address to ensure that all fields have been entered correctly and try again."? Serbia is shipping address.

Željko Protić

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