My Octane Heirloom Is From Amazon?!!!

My Octane Heirloom Is From Amazon?!!!

I designed and made the best Octane heirloom in real life on the market.

But I don't know why there are still people who keep telling me my Octane heirloom is from Amazon.

They absolutely have a lot of differences that you don't need to spend much time figuring out.

Anyway, I will tell help you find out the difference between my Octane heirloom and the Amazon one.

Here is the Amazon one Octane heirloom

octane heirloom on Amazon

It's smaller than 1:1 scale and has a fixed syringe.

The Youtube channel Balisong Flipping made a review for it.

After doing the unboxing, they found it was impossible to flip it.

So they mailed me for a review of my Octane heirloom V2.

And they have given me a better feedback.

It has better details and flippable.

After doing a lot of improvement on my Octane heirloom.

I also invited them for doing a review of my Octane heirloom V3 which has a real liquid tube.

This one get a high rating after they checked it.

Another Youtube creator also made a comparison video for my Octane butterfly knife and the Amazon one.

I think people can find my Octane balisong replica is totally different from the one on Amazon after reading this blog.

As for which one to choose, it's your choice.


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i never purchase replicas from anywhere else other than you! amazon can try and try but you will always be the king!


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