My Red Champion Knife is Restocked Now

My Red Champion Knife is Restocked Now

Dear customers,
My red-colored Champion Balisong is restocked now.

Champion Knife

It takes a few days for me to update the stock, cause I have upgraded its package.
Now, it has a specifically designed carton that looks much more attractive.

Champion knife 2022 package
There is also a screwdriver as a useful accessory to help you tighten the screws when they are getting loose.
The foam inside the box gives the knife better protection during transit.

Champion Butterfly Knife Valorant

As one of my best rebuilding game balisongs it will give you a nice flipping feeling.

Champion Balisong For Flipping

You can get it as a balisong training stater or game knife for display.

It's also an ideal gift for any Valorant fans.

You can get it here.

More information, watch this video.

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