New Hand Made Mechanical Keyboard Cap Project

New Hand Made Mechanical Keyboard Cap Project

As a gamer who also use a PC for gaming sometimes, I love those fantastic 3D printed keyboard cap made by other craftsmen.

So I decide to make some metal keyboard cap for gamers.

Here is some 3D model I build for making them.

The first keyboard cap should be a Octane one.

It's a mini metal Octane bust too.

The frone side.

octane keyboard cap

Back side.

octane keyboard cap draft

Right side

Octane keyboard cap right

The second one is a Octane Heirloom in hand one.

Octane heirloom keyboard cap

And there will also be a Wingman one.

wingman keyboard cap

More project details will be updated soon.

Plz keep an eye on my Instagram for more information.



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