RE4  Leon Kennedy's Weapon Box Project

RE4 Leon Kennedy's Weapon Box Project

Today is an exciting day, and the Re4 Remake has finally been released.

We finally could get back to that dangerous world by following the handsome agent Leon Kennedy. (well, guess why I'm called Leone)

To show my love for Resident Evil 4, I decide to do something for the game lovers that have the same emotion with this game.

After doing enough homework, I finally decide to make a mini-scale weapon box of Leon Kennedy.

The weapon box will be a specifically made aluminum alloy suitcase that looks similar to the one in the game.

box picture

And of course, some most popular weapons and equipment will be also contained in the box.

re4 weapons

Here is the list of weapons I will give to the gift box.

Semi-automatic sniper rifle x1, shotgun(Riot Gun) x1, TMP SMG x1, handgun(Silver Ghost) x1, revolver(Broken Butterfly) x1, Rokect Launcher(Ada Wang's special edition) x1, Leon's dagger x1, Grenade x1, Flash bomb x1, Incendiary Grenade x1, First Aid Spray x1.

re4 weapon 3d model

Here are some of the 3D model pictures I built for them.

Leon Kennedy's Pistol.

leon kennedy Pistol

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

resident evil 4 sniper rifle

Leon S Kennedy's Shotgun

Re4 Shotgun


Borken Butterfly Revolver
Ada Wong Rocket Launcher
Ada Wong's Special Rocket Launcher
Ada Wong Rocket Launcher
Leon S Kennedy's Dagger
Leon S Kennedy Knife
First Aid Spray & Bomb
First aid Re4

All of them will be made of nice metal material that is worth a long-term collection.

More information on this project will be updated on my Ins and Youtube.

Click to check the final product. Re4 Leon S Kennedy's Weapon Suitcase.

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