Review Video For TF2 Spy Knife

Review Video For TF2 Spy Knife

The TF2 Spy knife is an iconic game balisong that looks very attractive.

Spy Knife
Therefore the Spy knife I made was very popular and reviewed by the balisong flipping community.

In this video, they have shown the flipping ability of my Spy knife.

flipping spy knife

And also said the shortcomings of this trainer.

Since this is the first time paint on the aluminum alloy handles.

The black paint on the handle may get lost during use.

I will try to solve this problem in the future.

Other than that, like Brandon said, this balisong trainer is all good.

For people who want a decoration balisong for TF2 gamers.

You can just get it, it looks very similar to the game knife.

Spy Knife For Display
And since you don't really plan to use it for training, the paint won't lost, since you won't use it frequently.

For people who want a trainer, this one is all good for flipping.

It is just not so perfect for those who want a trainer and also want a display piece at the same time.

You can get this Spy knife trainer if you are okay with a tiny shortcoming.

Anyway, I may solve the paint problem in the future. 

So if you are a perfectionism, you can wait for the next version.

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