RGX Blade Project

RGX Blade Project

A lot of my followers request me to make the RGX blade.

It's a challenge for me cause I have never made any big knife yet.

And a sword thing is difficult for international shipping.

Most countries' customs won't care about what an item exactly is.

It gets detained if it looks like a dangerous weapon.

But I finally found a way to make it and deliver it.

To separate the blade and handle into 2 parts.

rgx blade design

So the final product looks more like ordinary items under the X-ray.

It helps the item come through customs.

Now I have finished the draft of the blade.

rgx blade

More information will be updated on my Instagram.

By the way, what color option will you want me to make if there is only one color to choose from?

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me personally i like the red and blue but yea you should do a celestial fan or Kohaku and Maatsuba those would be a very big hit


Looks great👍.
Whats about the new champions butterfly?


Make the colors like the rgx butterfly knife colors


please make KOHAKU & MATSUBA FAN (knife) if it will be real functional i think people will buy it so think about it ;)))))))))


One colour? This is like asking a mother who her favourite child is 😭


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