Valorant GO! Vol. 1 Kunai Metal Replica

Valorant GO! Vol. 1 Kunai Metal Replica

A lot of gamers have contacted me to make this cosplay prop for Valorant.

So I decide to have a try.

With the data from Google and game animations, I finished the draft of the GO! Vol. 1.

go volume no 1 draft

And finished the 3D model of it.

3d model of go-volume-1-knife-

3d model of valorant knife

It helps me made the metal mold for casting it.

With the model, I have made an unpainted replica of it.

As for the images on it, the special printing machine for metal crafts can help me to print it on.

The final product is just amazing.

valorant volume no 1 metal replica

Learn More about my Valorant Knife Project-Prime 2.0

Ordering the Go Volume 1 Knife



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if possible, it’d be cool if you can spin it around easily like in game (Equip animation)

Inigo Simborio

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