Valorant VCT Knife IRL Project Finished

Valorant VCT Knife IRL Project Finished

After 2 months of hard-working.

The VCT knife project is finally done.

Let's take a look at our VCT knife in real life.

vct knife 2 color

There are 2 color options for choosing from at the moment.

The Red VCT knife.

red vct knife
The blue VCT knife.

VCT knife blue

Both of them are luminous, glowing in the dark with a fantastic blue light.

vct knife

Their blade is blunt and safe for display.

There are 2 kinds of stand options that are suitable for displaying them.

The wooden stand with cloud relief.

VCT Knife With wooden Stand

This is a new wooden stand, I made for small knives, small swords, and balisongs displaying.

The VCT knife with a classical wood stand.

red vct knife with wooden stand

Anyone who is interested in my VCT knife can find it here, or order via this buy button.

All my customers can join my affiliate program by sharing the discount code we provide you with your friends.

It will give your friends a 10% cut-off and we will reward the 10% amount of their order.

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Could you make it that you could buy both at same time please?
If there already is option tell me please. Maybe I ma just dumb
Leones Marvelous Items replied:
do you mean to buy the 2 Vct knife together?     -———————- Original —————————

Knife enjoyer

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